The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc.

The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc.

The Official mfx/kewlers Warm up Group

The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc. is a group of friends making games and demos with a fresh touch (yeah, really).

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Mangareva by the royal elite ninjas inc.

Branch + noby + pico at Alternative party 2013.
Some stuff coming.


mcmc by elite ninjas inc.

6th place in Real Wild compo at ASSEMBLY 2013 (3rd place in real demos compo). Great party. Some comments, soundtrack download etc. coming.


bandits by the royal elite ninjas inc.

A Nintendo DS demo for ASSEMBLY 2012 Real Wild demo competition. Ranked 8th out of 8 entries.


Plus, the final version will be provided like 99% of sceners do.

40 Caves

40 Caves

40 Caves is our contribution to ASSEMBLY 2010 Game Dev competition and it placed 12th out of 19 entries.
liitin had an idea about this sokobanish puzzle game during the winter 2009-2010 and we finaly started the development during the June 2010. We're actually pretty pleased with the result: it's clearly the best game which we've made and we succeed in the all areas.

As discussed in the infamous sheet, the title refers to the number of levels which we aimed to release within the game. However our gfx artist's compulsory military service began few weeks before the deadline. Hence we had even less time to bruteforce those levels and there's only 15 levels in the party version. However we'd very much like to contribute the final version with some cool new stuff, like an additional tileset, and of course all of 40 caves. Too bad it'll take a while due to the military service issue (update 2012: due to our laziness).. This game needs the somewhat final version because the basic game engine has some critical bugs which we want to fix.

We're having some weird SDL related blue screen of death issues on random Windows Vista setups, as usual. The update of gfx card drivers has fixed the issue on some setups but if it doesn't help, you're out of luck. If someone knows how to fix this one, feel free to drop us an e-mail.

Now, check the sheet of 40 Caves and download it (ZIP, approx. 5.4 MB).




Chest is our contribution to ASSEMBLY 2009 Game Dev competition and it placed 9th out of 17 entries.
There was about one month time to the deadline of game development competition and we had no plans about bringing entries to ASSEMBLY. We decided to make a game just for fun and so on.

The mobile phone version of Chest could be neat but I'm pretty sure that if it's going to be released, it'll be made from scratch with new puzzle elements, new graphics and so on. The game has been done using the SDL library with some SDL_* addons so I guess one could easily port the game to SDL supporting platforms.

We would like to send some greetings to The Gang group: they made an awesome level editor for this little game! :-)

Now you're free to check the sheet of Chest and download it (ZIP, approx. 0.9 MB).



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